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How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

A new born baby spends most part of the day sleeping soundly. Sleeping at this stage is very important for your baby since the growth hormones work best when the baby is fast asleep.

During the first few months after its birth your baby will sleep at will. After the first six months the baby will try to adapt his sleeping habits with your daily routine. This is your time to help the baby regularize his sleep pattern with yours.

Many mothers prefer making the babies sleep at the same time as them. This is great bonding time and strengthens the emotional connectivity between mother and child. Studies have also shown that babies who sleep with their mothers grow up to be emotionally more secure and feel protected and loved. The first thing to do is fixing a time when you want the baby to sleep.

Try not to pre-pone or postpone this time. Next, make the baby comfortable and warm by holding him against your body. Sing a song or a nursery rhyme to your baby. Some parents prefer singing the same song or rhyme to baby day after day. This way when you start singing it to the baby, he knows it’s time to sleep.

You can even play some music, but nothing too loud; soft, low music is best for putting your baby into a sound sleep. Some people prefer rocking their babies gently in their arms or in a cradle while humming a soft tune. However, not many people are advocates of rocking the baby to sleep.

You can instead try putting the baby to sleep by gently putting him on the bed and lightly pressing the pressure points on his legs and feet. In some cultures women give massages with warm oil to their babies, feed them and put them to sleep. Some mothers also prefer a warm bath, followed by feeding which then puts the baby into deep slumber.

Often women also wrap their babies lightly in sheets while putting them to sleep. This might not seem like a good idea once the baby starts using his hands and legs. The sheet/blanket will be off in no time. It is important that the mother puts the baby to sleep instead of waiting for the baby to sleep on its own. Often the baby will have undisturbed sleep when the mother is near.

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