How To Deal With Your First Pregnancy

A woman’s first pregnancy is a very exhilarating time in her life. It is exciting as well overwhelming at the same time. Pregnancy is a very special and a highly exciting phase in a woman’s life. Having life growing inside you comes with great responsibilities which you have to take care of at every cost.

Once you have visited the doctor to confirm your pregnancy, it is time for you to start preparing for it as well. A pregnancy lasts for nine months and is divided into three trimesters of three months each.  The first trimester is said to be the most uncomfortable one, as your body will experience a roller coaster of hormonal as well as physical changes.

Your body will stabilize during the second trimester and the third will consist of a lot of anxiety due to the nearing of the delivery. You must remember that during these nine months you must take the utmost care of yourself and your growing baby.

How To Deal With Your First Pregnancy

Have a Calm and Positive Mind

If you are scared and nervous during your pregnancy then your child will feel the same way inside you. It is imperative that you maintain a positive attitude. Pregnancy is a gift and you need to embrace it. Know that soon you will become a parent and being positive is a must.

Do Not Compromise on Your Health

Your body will need and demand a much higher intake of solid and liquid food products since it needs to cater for the growing baby as well. In addition to that your breasts will have started the process of milk production and for all these to function properly, a healthy and balanced diet is very important. You need to eat in moderation, and eat healthy foods. Being overweight will be natural due to the growing baby; however, it is also important to make sure you do not become obese.

Staying Healthy and Fit

Many women feel that they cannot exercise during pregnancy. This is a very big misconception. In fact doctors urge that pregnant women have some form of physical exercise. You can even engage in sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Walking for 15 to 20 minutes a day will suffice. Try to walk on grass or in an open area. Walking on grass will freshen your mind and help release all your tension.

Some Important Prohibitions

Remember that smoking and consuming alcohol will severely affect your pregnancy in a very negative manner. It will adversely hinder the growth of your unborn child. Caffeine as well has been found to affect the outcome of a healthy pregnancy. The consumption of these products is strictly advised against.


Whether it is your first pregnancy or fifth, there will always be surprises and unpredictable events, because a pregnancy is never the same twice. The important aspects for you to remember are that you must stay healthy and eat well in order to provide complete nutrition for your growing child. Remember that the more efforts you put into having a good pregnancy, the easier the process and the better the outcome of it all will be.

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