Sleep During Pregnancy

How To Cope With Insomnia Or Sleep Disorders During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is necessary for pregnant women to sleep more hours or taking sufficient rest so that new body cells may get constructed. But hormone changes and pregnancy difficulties affect the quality of rest of a pregnant woman.

Each trimester of pregnancy introduces different discomforts that disturb a pregnant woman’s sound sleep and she suffers from Insomnia or sleep disorder.

Difficulties Throughout different Trimesters

A pregnant woman starts to meet sleep disorder from early in the first trimester of her pregnancy. During this period, her frequent trips to the bathroom at night (due to pee, to vomit etc) destroy sweet dreams. Again, she faces many other sleep-interrupting events like heartburn, hunger, nightmares, leg cramps, anxieties etc. Due to all these facts, first trimester of pregnancy may go through a pregnant woman as riotous times. Women may also find increased sleep through the day which is also expected.

During the second trimester of pregnancy a pregnant woman experiences lesser panic of sleeplessness. This is may be for the reason that her body is being harmonized with her physical changes due to pregnancy. But, for some emotional stress she may have interrupted sleep.

Last trimester of pregnancy demands more sleep and rest. But during this period a pregnant woman finds it too difficult.  Her growing belly creates various discomforts; such as heartburn, cramps and inhalation difficulties if she lies down. Additionally, peeing frequency disturbs her being asleep. This happens because, the increasing uterus pressurizes on the bladder and her kidneys filter more blood than usual and discharge more urine than ever before. Remember, during this period you are not only peeing for you, peeing for your baby also.

Try These To Make Your Sleep Come Easier

During your first trimester, be used to with sleeping on your left side. This position is helpful to flow the blood and nutrition to the placenta.  It also facilitates your kidneys to chuck out waste stuffs and solutions from your body and thus reduces any edemas (swelling in your ankles, feet and hands).

Bend your knees up and place two or more pillows between your knees. This keeps the muscles relaxed around hips and pelvis. You may have support of a pillow at your convenient position to remove the pressure on your back.

While sleeping, you may roll and lie on your back. When you wake up, just roll back again to lie on your left side. You may use pillows or side pillows to help you rolling while you sleep. Again, you may roll to right side to get relaxation. When you lay on your side your hips carries body load, so you may get relaxed using soft foam on your mattress. It gives you comfort by increasing air circulation under your hips. In late pregnancy, you may even try to sleep on an easy chair as some doctors recommend it.

Some More Tips for Easier Sleep

Try to be tuned with the habit that you are going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. Though it is very hard to enjoy a sound sleep at night, try your best to get yourself relaxed. You may set a comforting routine by reading, taking a bath etc. before going to bed. During pregnancy most women feel warmer. Select a room that is cooler than other rooms or select the south facing room. Set your curtains or blind to protect lights coming in.

Don’t let your ears catch any noise, if needed use ear. You may be awakened by bright light and even small noise. Dedicate your bed only for relaxing and enjoyment purposes like sleep, sex and reading before sleep. Avoid watching TV or any other activities on your bed. Switch off the lights earlier to set the mood for resting. Before going to bed you may get bathed with warm water which can relax you more.

Even your food habit also may control over your sleep during pregnancy. Foods rich in high carbohydrates can be mentioned here. Have a light snack before bedtime, heavy meals may not be helpful for good sleep. Keep fresh vegetables, bananas, egg, almond etc in your daily menu list. Detect which foods causing your gas or heart burn; avoid them. Before bedtime, have a glass of warm milk.

Avoid drinking caffeine and forget about tea and coffee as they may affect your sleep. Eat and drink sufficiently all the day long, but during the night time limit your food and drink habit. Have your heavy meals minimum two to three hours before you go to sleep

Smoking is definitely harmful for your baby and yourself. It increases heartbeat rate and metabolic process and you may suffer from interrupted breathing that harms your deep and restful sleep. Again, taking alcohol is also harmful for your sleep. Initially it makes you asleep, but you can’t enjoy long lasting sleep. The chemical mechanism breakdowns alcohol in some chemicals that harms your sleep and dehydrates you, thus you feel thirsty and wake up.

Relaxation methods like yoga and deep breathing can be helpful to encourage your sleep. When you lie on bed, alternate left and ride side; this will relax your tight muscles. Some exercises are there suitable for pregnancy period; know about them from your doctor. Actually, exercise is good for pregnancy health. At every evening walk for sometime, it will circulate more oxygen to your body and you feel more relaxed.

Avoid any exercise before you go to bed. If you see that you have not made a good relation with your sleep till now; don’t worry about it. Just get up and try it on another bed. If you wish, watch TV for some time, read a book you like and then try aging to sleep. One thing you keep in mind that just keeping eyes close and worrying about your sleep may be more complex for your sleep.

Though more than fifty percent women suffer from sleep difficulties during pregnancy, the above mentioned guidelines may be helpful. If none of them work at all, immediately contact your physician. Sleep during pregnancy is most important for your health and your baby’s goodness.

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