How The Mother Benefits From Breastfeeding

Although we only talk about the wonders of breast feeding and how much nourishment and goodness the baby is deriving from your milk, few people actually dwell on the goodness that breast feeding does to the mother. The baby is also doing you a favour by breast feeding.

A hormone called oxytocin is released by the mother while feeding. This hormone helps the uterus contract and come back to its original size. It also helps control bleeding, thereby avoiding weakness and anemia in the mother.

The body also releases another hormone called prolactin while feeding. This helps keep the lady calm. This is very important since the mother can suffer a lot of disturbance from postpartum and hormonal changes.

Every litre of milk produced in the mother burns about six to eight hundred calories. This enables fats and energy to burn faster, helping the mother lose weight gained during pregnancy more easily.

It has been proven that mothers who have breast fed their babies have stronger bones later in life, and the incidence of osteoporosisis also reduced. You need not worry about being totally dependent on your calcium supplements. Your breast feeding baby is helping see you through these problems in advance.

Feeding the baby helps avoid ovarian cancer, breast cancer and also uterine cancer. Since you are breast feeding, a number of good hormones are released which help keep the body in balance and help in preventing the onset of these diseases.

The next time you feel low or dejected, remember that your baby is not the only one who is going to be benefited from your feeding. If you find feeding the baby is difficult, take breaks and rest as often as your baby does.

You can even lie down and feed the baby at night. It is not necessary to be seated while feeding the baby all the time. Not only will you be rested this way, the baby will also be more comfortable and find it easier to drift off to sleep once it has finished sleeping. Keeping the breasts in good shape will also make it easier for you to breast feed.

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