High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy – An Overview

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Many women face the problem of high blood pressure during their pregnancy.High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious complication which can affect both the mother and the baby.

High blood pressure during pregnancy is classified into two namely chronic hypertension and pregnancy induced hypertension. Chronic hypertension will be diagnosed prior to pregnancy or before the 5th month of pregnancy.

If you are detected with chronic hypertension before your pregnancy, then talk with your physician so as to take the required steps to mange this condition before you get pregnant. If you develop chronic hypertension during pregnancy, then your doctor will prescribe you with medications which won’t harm to your baby. If left untreated, then chronic hypertension will increase the risk of you developing pregnancy induced hypertension.

Pregnancy induced hypertension is also termed as preeclampsia or toxemia.This usually develops after the first 20 months of pregnancy.The major symptoms are high blood pressure, retention of water in the body and presence of protein in urine.

Pregnancy induced hypertension has no specific pattern of treatment.The doctor might prescribe you medicines to reduce the blood pressure.In most cases, the doctor will try to speed up the delivery.This will depend on how close you are to the due date and also on the development of your baby.

If left untreated,then both chronic hypertension and pregnancy induced hypertension can prove to be fatal to both the mother and the baby.The mother may experience a stroke or heart failure. She may also suffer from kidney troubles and internal bleeding.The chance of a preterm delivery increases if you suffer from hypertension during pregnancy.

Hypertension During Pregnancy

In pregnancy induced hypertension, the blood flow to the placenta is interrupted.As a result the baby won’t be getting his required share of oxygen and nutrients.This in turn can lead to a slow rate of fetal growth and also causing fetal distress.Sometimes the placenta may get detached from the uterus, leading to serious complications.

Pregnant women who suffer from hypertension need to be monitored closely always.The doctor will use an ultrasound to monitor the growth of the baby.A Doppler scan will also be conducted to measure the efficiency of blood flow to the placenta. For some patients,the doctor will prescribe bed rest.

You should try to be tension free always and should also have a well balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle,so as to tackle the problem of hypertension during pregnancy.

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