Handling Newborns

Handling Newborns

Handling Newborns

Not all of us are good with babies, its true that we are born with the inborn talent of nurturing and caring for another human being. Society expects ladies to be a natural with babies, but these days this gender is getting more professionally inclined and some of us really don’t know how to handle babies.

So here are few tips for both men and women on what to do and how to handle when they meet a baby for the first time.

First and foremost before you pick up the baby, make sure that your hands are clean. Wash your hands well or use a sanitizer before handling the baby. Their immune system is very low and they are very susceptible to infections of all sorts.

A baby’s head is big and heavier than their body, moreover their spine and neck bones are still developing, so if you are planning to hold the baby then pick her up by supporting his or her head, neck and back. If the kid is below 5 months of age then keep one hand under the head at all times. Do not fling the baby onto the air or shake them vigorously.

Shaking a baby will cause the brain to bleed. If you want to entertain the baby, then lightly tickle his feet or use recommended toys. You could also hold the baby and gently sway them.

A baby is used to tight spaces, a recommended technique for calming them is swaddling. In this the baby is covered in a blanket which is folded in the shape of a burrito.

This blanket is tied around your body. This technique comforts the baby and makes him feel protected like he is still in the womb. So if you want to hold the baby but not sure how to then this technique will be easy and comfortable for the both of you.

If the little one pees on you, there is nothing to worry about. Since their main diet is just breast milk and water, you don’t have to worry about an odor or the staining. If your are travelling with a baby, then make sure that the car seat is attached properly and the baby is fastened into it properly too.

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