Giving Birth In The Water

Some women may decide to give birth in the water. This is becoming more common than ever before. If you wish to have a water birth you will need to inform your doctor in advance and see if she will be able to guide you through it. You will also have to choose a hospital that provides facilities to give birth in the water.

Delivering your baby in the water has its own advantages. Firstly you are a more relaxed and the water has a soothing effect on you. Make sure that the water is warm and not hot. The buoyancy of the water also allows you to change positions easily and your contractions in the water will be far less painful than if you were delivering outside the water.

It is important to know that you cannot sit in the water from the time the contractions start; you can enter and allow labour to progress only after you are more than five centimeters dilated. As you will find the pain with each contraction much less since you are in the water you will be able to concentrate on your breathing through the delivery.

There is not much chance of the baby drowning if you give birth in the water; but if you are having some fears about the baby drowning the you can come out just as the head begins to crown. Your doctor would have already explained to you all the advantages and disadvantages of giving birth in the water.

Your husband can also come in the water and be there for the delivery. If you are having twins or your baby is in the breech position; then you will not be allowed to give birth in the water.

If you are deciding to deliver your baby at home and in the water; then make sure you call a trained mid wife to assist you through it. The problem with having the baby at home is that if there is any complication that arises there may be very little that you can do to correct the complicated situation. Remember do what is most comfortable for you.

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