Baby Food Allergy

Facts About Baby Food Allergies

Facts About Baby Food Allergies

The present generation has seen a considerable increase in food allergies. Allergies do not spare anybody from adults to infants. What concern the most are the allergies caused by the baby food as the cause can be hard to locate.

Like adult food allergies baby food allergies are common and some of the symptoms can be restlessness with no reason, blotchiness of skin with itchiness. All these can point to baby food allergy. Before one goes about discussing baby food allergy one needs to know what an allergy is.

Allergies are reaction of the body to those substances to which it is intolerant to when consumed, touched, inhaled or injected upon. The body natural response to the substance that results in allergy can be congestion of the nasal passage or lungs, running nose, itching, watery eyes, loose bowels and red eruptions on the skin.

If one has an allergic disposition to a food or substance, their child has a good chance of inheriting this tendency. But this necessarily does not mean that your child should have the same reaction to a particular food item or a substance. Your reaction to a particular food could be swelling of the face while your child could develop diarrhea.

Baby Food Allergy

It is very difficult to pin point a baby food allergy. Many natural ingredients in the food can trigger a reaction. Eliminating those can help you to detect the cause for such a reaction. Some foods that can cause an allergy and that can be avoided are dairy products, eggs, shellfish, nuts and citrus fruits. To find the cause, these items can be reintroduced one by one.

His reaction to a particular food group can determine whether he is allergic to that group. Breast feeding the child for six months can reduce the allergic attacks. This allergic reaction can surface any time. The child can develop intolerance for a particular food group at any point.

The allergy appears within an hour of ingestion. Best way to treat allergies is to avoid the particular food group and switch to non allergic food such as mangoes, apples, oats, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, chicken and others.  It is advised to consult a professional before experimenting with baby food as they could be fatal.

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