Exercising To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

During the time of pregnancy, most women tend to reduce their levels of activity to quite a large extent. Many women follow the age old advice of having to eat for two instead of one and do not pay much attention to the baby weight they start to gain. All of this ultimately ends in the reduction of time spent exercising during pregnancy.

Before their pregnancies, many women tend to follow some kind of an exercise routine to keep fit and strong. During their pregnancies, the natural changes in the body often discourage women to exercise as much or continue it altogether.

What many women do not realize is that exercising during pregnancy is not only healthy for them and their child; it also prevents a number of complications during and after birth.

The correct kind of exercise ensures that the body does not suffer as much stress as it naturally does. It allows the muscles and bones to become more flexible so that they are not affected due to hormonal changes. Exercising strengthens the heart and regular breathing practice can actually lessen the difficulty and pain faced during childbirth.

During pregnancy, many women may start giving into all of their cravings and eat more than what is required. The weight gained in the process is not only harmful for the baby, but it is very hard to lose after childbirth. Exercising during pregnancy ensures that one does not gain weight excessively, keeps the skin toned and makes it much easier to drop the weight later on.

Some of the exercises that are safe for women to do during pregnancy are aerobics and simple cardio vascular workouts. One can try swimming slowly and some simple cycling to keep the body in shape. Basic stretching of the body, thigh lifts, plies, sit ups and easy to do push ups against a wall are exercises that are the most effective.

One can also look for a gym or a centre that provides special attention to pregnant women. Strenuous exercises such as weightlifting, Pilates, pulls ups and the like are not recommended for pregnant women at all. It is best to consult with your doctor before one begins exercising during pregnancy.

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