Effects Of Single Parenting

Effects Of Single Parenting

A family is incomplete until and unless both the parents are there with the child to bring him up. Nonetheless, there are times when the situation is such that it is impossible for the partners to live together and the child is left with a single parent to care for him and fend for his needs.

The innocent child still wishes for his parents to be together and misses the absent one. Single parenting can be complicated for both the parent and the child. The single parent has to take care of every need of the child and ensure that the child does not feel neglected.

The child feels devoid of love of his another parent. Nonetheless there are several advantages of being a single parent. The child forms a stronger bond with his parent and the parent, due to the lack of a partner, shares herself with the child.

Single Parent and Communication

The single parent tends to treat her child more like a friend rather than a child. The child who has been brought up by a single parent becomes more responsible and mature owing to the circumstances. The situation of his life makes him a more independent and stable individual.

However single parenting does have some disadvantages too. The single parent has to take the entire burden of ensuring that the child gets proper education and that all his personal needs are fulfilled. Moreover the single parent has to ensure that the child, at no point of time, feels lonely and abandoned.

Managing the finances can also become a serious concern if not carried out with planning. It is advisable for a single parent to plan the finances maturely and make provision for contingencies so that the future of the child is secured.
At times, the absence of one of the parent can make the child rebellious.

In such a case, taking care of the child becomes a herculean task for the single parent. Such situations can be dealt with professional help and support from family and friends. But a parent should always try to keep the atmosphere light and cheery at home to make the task of bringing up of their child easier.

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