Twin Pregnancy

Easy To Do Self Tests To Detect Twin Pregnancy

How does it feel when, after a few years of marriage, a woman gets pregnant? It is one of the most happy moments when she realizes that she is about to achieve motherhood. It is not only the wound-be-mother who is happy at the news, but it also brings bliss to the well wishers as well.

This is a phase which is also associated with a lot of confusion and anxiety, whether the pregnancy will be a positive one towards the end of the phase, whether the baby will be a healthy and a normal one, whether the mother will also be fit throughout the duration and several other concerns. The life takes a great turn as soon as there is news of pregnancy.

There are several restrictions that get imposed on the life of the expecting woman too. All these restrictions come together with certain other precautions as well, that the would-be-mother is must to abide by. But, for majority of cases, rather, most for the cases, the woman is happy to follow all the restrictions and rules, prioritizing her child’s well being only.

But how will it be when an expecting mother gets to hear that she is blessed with twins? It is sure to bring double happiness to all you too, like all others, if you are one of them. But, at the same time, this is also quite true that all your anxiety, trauma, every reaction will multiply since now you are nursing two babies at a time, in your womb.

What remains as a common question in twin pregnancy is that how to know you are carrying two children at the same time? How to prepare yourself mentally much before you deliver two kids at the same time? All the answers of these questions are given through some of the easy ways by which you can detect twin pregnancy. Follow them and be happy to get the twin blessings of God.

Measure the Size Of Your belly

As we all know, the most prominent sign to know that you are pregnant is your baby bump. This bulged belly of yours is the most prime way to analyze there might be two babies inside. As your pregnancy matures and as your abdomen protrudes further, measure it in regular intervals and plot it somewhere. Now compare your readings with that of a normal delivery.

To be more precise let me mention this vividly.  Measure your belly at your sixth month and keep a note of it. Next, compare yours with that of a woman who has a single pregnancy. The internet and several pregnancies related journals and magazines will also be of your help when you try to evaluate your detections.

Moreover, while you plot the abdomen size, you will also notice that it grows more in size and faster in rate as compared to a woman carrying one baby inside her womb. Even without measuring you can find that your belly looks awfully big as compared to what is would have been otherwise.

Measure Your Weight

Next self test that you should carry at home to detect twin pregnancy is to measure your weight. Women, in general, gain weight during pregnancy. The reason behind this is the change in the hormonal level in the body. Together with it, the supporting of the baby inside the womb also adds up to this weight to that of the body weight of the mother. Hence, the gross weight of the expecting mother spurs up.

Actually, doctors even advice women, who are carrying babies, to work towards increasing their weight, otherwise which they will not be able to carry babies inside them.  Anyhow, coming back to our point, this gross weight of the mother doubles when she carries twin babies inside her womb. The calculation is straight and simple in this case too. The mother is carrying two babies inside her uterus. Mothers with twin pregnancies are mostly larger than those with single pregnancies.

Trace Change In Baby Movement

The next step in detecting if you are having a twin fetus inside your womb is the tracing of the baby movement. Baby movement pattern is also traced during single pregnancies too. Basically this is a simple process to understand if the baby inside the uterus is alive and healthy or not. This test will also be one of the tests of twin pregnancy.

In general, after crossing the third trimester the mother carrying the womb experiences the fetal movements which intensify as the delivery date approaches. When you are carrying twin babies inside you, this fetal movement will come earlier than your general time of occurrence. Again, the nature of the fetal movement will also be of different type.

When a woman with single pregnancy will feel kicks and turns inside her womb, once in a while, the frequency of such movements will be double now. Even if you observe carefully you are sure to find that there are two sorts of movement, simultaneously, inside you, which can never be possible in case of a single baby inside the womb. But it needs to mention here that this is not a very sure test as early fetal movement is also, in rare occasions, a part of single pregnancy.

Your Morning Sickness Will Be Doubled

Morning sickness is an associated symptom of pregnancy. Women feel like vomiting. This can be a mere feeling sometimes or can be vomiting in real too in other occasions. Pregnant women feel dizzy and sick. They are lethargic and have extreme exhaustion.

This is because of the fetal growth and movement inside her and with the rapidly altering estrogen and progesterone level. All these symptoms are experienced mostly early in the morning. In case of a woman with twin pregnancies, the whole thing is just twice in intensity, making the woman even sicker.

But, again, this symptom too, is not a surer test as, the intensity varies from woman to woman. When one woman can have extremes of morning sickness in spite of having single pregnancy, another woman with twin pregnancies may not feel much of it at all. But, this is one of the rare situations of pregnancy. So take your decisions wisely.

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