Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

For a married woman, even the slightest sign like missing a period turns up her hopes of potential pregnancy. Though a missed period is usually the first sign of conception, there can be other reasons for the missed period.

In such a case identifying the overall patterns of bodily changes can help you in detecting pregnancy at early stages. Nonetheless you can experience other symptoms which might hint at the conception of a new lie yet it is difficult to predict with certainty until and unless the required tests are carried out. Below is a list of early signs that hint pregnancy.

Missed period is the most definitive sign of pregnancy but other factors including rapid weight loss, sickness for a long duration, polycystic ovary, etc can also lead to a missed period. Breast tenderness is yet another symptom of pregnancy in which a sharp tingling sensation occurs in the breasts along with swelling.

Nausea and vomiting

This hints at the fact that the body is getting ready for baby feeding.
Other early signs of pregnancy include nausea and vomiting which start within two weeks from the date of conception. Morning sickness can continue in the first trimester of pregnancy and can occur at any time in the day with varying intensities.

After conception, a woman usually feels lethargic and exhausted and her appetite undergoes changes. Since now the meal must provide nutrition not just for the mother but for the embryo as well, expecting women feel hungry more frequently. Nonetheless in some cases loss of appetite in some expecting women has also been noticed.

Once a woman has conceived her areola becomes dark and this can remain like this for the entire course of pregnancy. When the egg is burrowed into the endometrial lining, many women experience implantation spotting and suffer from cramps when their period cycle is close.

Experiencing cravings for a particular food

When the embryo is conceived, the uterus moves upwards in the abdomen and the size of the urinary bladder becomes smaller. Hence frequent urination and constipation are other early signs to detect pregnancy. Some women also become allergic to certain smells of a particular food item or coffee, etc. Experiencing cravings for a particular food product is one of the most common signs of pregnancy.

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