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Detect Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Detect Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Women obviously are eager to detect early pregnancy symptoms so that they may plan the confinement period beforehand. Although a missed period often acts as a precursor to conception, doctors and medical personnel refuse to give much credence to it.

Emotional strain, improper diet, exhaustion and other factors, they argue, can delay periods in women. Nevertheless, the body sends out pregnancy signals immediately after fertilization which is considered to be sure signs of conception. All that is needed is to interpret those signs and signals in the proper fashion to detect pregnancy in women.

Pregnancy, as a matter of fact, causes radical hormonal changes in women which in turn give rise to a series of reactions in the body – both physical and mental. These reactions are so real and practical that one just cannot ignore them when they occur.

What are the symptoms?

Take for instance, the morning sickness or nausea which forces the conceived woman to rush for the toilet is too obvious to ignore or overlook, particularly when if she has no previous history of queasiness. In some cases, this vomiting tendency can persist throughout the day, reminding the person that she has become pregnant.

As earlier said, the drastic hormonal changes that occur very early in pregnancy manifest itself in several ways. One of them results in tenderness in the breasts as well as their enlargement in volume. This is too obvious to be ignored by the person who feels it all the time. However, this condition goes away soon after but not before it has left the tell tale sign.

As soon as a woman conceives, a hormone known as ‘human chorionic gonadotropin’ or HCG is produced in her body. This hormone creates, among other significant functions, a condition that prompts frequent urination.

As a result, the newly conceived woman has to go to the bathroom pretty often, which, nevertheless, is a sure sign of pregnancy. Though this may initially be considered due to too much intake of fluids, the reality soon exerts itself.

A little self-examination also can reveal signs of pregnancy in a woman. As the fertilized egg reaches the uterus and gets implanted to its inner wall, minor bleeding begins to occur which trickles down to the vagina in the form of light spots. This pinkish spot is a sure sign of pregnancy in most women.

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