back pain during pregnancy

Dealing With Back Pain During Pregnancy

Dealing With Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is common during pregnancy and can cause much discomfort to the expecting mother. Back pain is a sign that the body is fatigued and tired and needs rest.

For women with a history of backache it is even worse and dealing with it becomes difficult. Backache during pregnancy can occur due to various reasons. Some of them include weight gain, stress and anxiety, etc. It is advisable to opt for natural remedies to cure the back paininstead of resorting to medications as they can harm the mother and the fetus.

Things to consider for mothers

Nonetheless if the pain is too severe and persistent, medical practitioner should be consulted to deal with it. During pregnancy, footwear should be carefully selected. Wearing high heels can cause back pain and it can be dangerous for the expecting mother as it increases the chances of losing one’s balance.While standing, the pregnant women should divide her weight equally on both the feet instead of putting maximum weight on one leg.

Carrying heavy weight or any other strenuous activity should be completely avoided to reduce the chances of getting backache.While sitting, care must be taken and proper body posture should be maintained. Straight chairs with firm backs should be used instead of couches with cushioned seats. Firm chairs give proper support to the back and prevent back pain.

Relax your muscles

Back pain can also be treated with massage with herbal oils that relax the tensed muscles and relieve discomfort.Subsequently, a hot water bottle or a pad can be used to relax the muscles.To relieve back pain during pregnancy, one of the best natural remedies is to take a bath in hot water with some sea salt added to it. While driving or sitting, a cushion can be placed behind the back to provide support. Light exercises and brisk walking can have amazing effect in treating back pain.

While lifting heavy things, one must bend her knees to avoid putting too much pressure on the lower back. These natural remedies combined with adequate rest and sleep and balanced diet can help in reducing the problem of back ache during pregnancy.

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