Crying Colic Babies

Crying And Colic In Newborn Babies

Crying Colic Babies

All newborn babies cry a lot and sometimes this can be due to colic. Colic refers to pain in the intestine. If a healthy baby is crying for hours in the afternoon or evening on regular basis and refusing to be comforted, this may be colic.

Sometimes, this occures in daytime also and often comes with vomiting, indigestion and wind trouble. The baby refuses to relax and  may be easily startled with sounds, change of position etc.

The crying may stop for sometime when held in vertical position as she gets some relief when her tummy presses aganist you. This usually lasts up to 3 months and reduces after baby turns over on her stomach making it easy for trapped wind to escape.

How to ease colic

The most important rule is to burp the baby properly after feeding.Place the baby on your shoulder supporting her head with your hand and pat on her back gently till she burps properly.You can also try to sit the baby in your lap, support her head with your hand and pat on her back gently.  Laying the baby across your knees and patting her back also helps.

Massage the tummy gently with some baby oil or lotion. Massaging the baby tummy usually  helps in relieving the discomfort. Try holding the baby in a vertical position and walk around. Always support the baby’s head with your finger or hand when holding her like this. The feeling of pressure on her tummy and the rhythm of the walking helps

Take her on a car ride. It may sound funny, but any kind of movement helps to calm the baby. Try swinging in a swing with the baby. Sometimes, the to and fro motion of the swing really helps the baby to calm down a bit. Put them in a cradle and try rocking them. The rocking motion may help sooth her . Never try shaking the baby to stop her crying as this can be very dangerous and may cause brain damage

Colic in babies is very difficult to deal with for the baby and the parents.It is difficult to watch your precious little one cry inconsolably. She may try kicking her arms and legs and seems to be irritated all the more when you to try to comfort her and this can make you feel helpless and may sometimes feel angry at the baby.

You may also feel bad later that you were angry with a tiny baby. These reactions are quite natural, but there is no need to be angry or be frustrated. Colic is very common in many babies and most parents go through this. The reason the baby is not calming down is not because you are incompetent.
Always consult your doctor and seek advice on whether the crying is due to colic. The doctor can give medicines to relieve colic and it will really help.

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