Cramp Pains During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in women’s life. One should be very careful during this period. While expecting a baby a woman faces a number of physical, emotional and psychological changes in her. One of the major physical problems is cramping pains during pregnancy.

Cramping during pregnancy is a common very normal problem. Cramps may occur in early as well as late pregnancy. During early pregnancy many changes take place. As the body prepares for ovulation one can feel pain in one or both sides of abdomen. When one conceives, uterus starts to stretch and grow. This is the results in implantation cramping.

Ligaments are common source of cramps. They surround and support the uterus. The muscles under the uterus expand and grow to support the weight of uterus and baby. This causes cramps known as round ligament pain. A hot water bottle can relieve this pain. Many times they disappear by taking rest.

The growth of baby puts pressure on muscles, joints, ligaments and surrounding organs. Uterus continues to grow throughout pregnancy. Due to this, cramps can occur in late pregnancy also. Any type of hard work, exertion and physical pressure can put strain on body can become reason for cramps.

In sixth and seventh month some of the women may feel short rhythmic type cramps. This is similar to mild menstrual cramps. These short cramps are Braxton Hicks contractions. These cramps indicate that the body is prepared for the hard work of labor.

Lying down for while, changing sitting position and even getting up and walking around can help largely as a relief from pain. Sometimes just a change in position like sitting cross-legged helps. A hot shower also soothes pain. These cramps become more frequent and strong as the due date of childbirth approaches.

Some of the women may feel stomach pain and leg cramps during pregnancy. This may be due to some deficiency in body. In this case a doctor can suggest calcium and magnesium intake; so do not avoid the prescription.

Mild stretch exercise and walk is good to overcome these cramps. A Pregnant woman should wear loose fitting clothes, drink lot of water and take proper rest. Having balanced and nutritious diet is very important.

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