Clothes During Pregnancy

Nurturing a life within your body is an incredible feeling. And to experience this feeling to the fullest, you need to be stress-free, comfortable and relaxed. When it comes to comfort during pregnancy, clothes play a very important role. As you keep on getting more fuller, you start feeling constricted in clothes that become small or tight.

Here’s how you should handle your body while being pregnant. Starting from clothes to footwear, everything should be chosen with utmost care. Your expecting days are filled with seasons of feeling warm and cold, also, your feet and legs tend to swell making the choice of your clothes and shoes more careful.

Clothes: Pregnancy is not the time to flaunt your most fashionable and sexy attires. Remain simple and comfortable yet trendy. Buy maternity jeans with an expandable front panel, maternity innerwear, woolen or cotton leggings with expandable gussets and some special dresses for parties.

Remember with expandable we don’t mean elastic because although your elastic dress is expandable, it still clings to your body making you feel tight and uncomfortable. The best clothing during pregnancy is a pair of leggings/jeans with loose, long shirts and tops. Wearing drawstring cotton pants is one of the best outfits during pregnancy.

Borrowing clothes from friends and relatives who were pregnant earlier saves a lot of your money. This is also an intelligent practice; after all, you would not need those very loose clothes after your delivery. Right? So why waste money on them?

Footwear: Say “NO” to high heels during pregnancy. This is the time to wear ultra-low, flat or low-heeled, easy-fitting footwear. Select your footwear with utmost care; it should be neither too tight nor loose. Your footwear should support your foot well and should be roomy at the same time. Best footwear during pregnancy is tennis shoes or sneakers.

And don’t be sad by the thought of being devoid of those sexy high heels. Flat shoes today are very versatile and come in various shapes and designs. So, research well before you buy one! Best is to remain barefoot whenever you can.

Remaining barefoot makes your feet expand and broaden to support the extra weight of your baby.Remember, taking precautions in those nine months of motherhood is bliss forever. After all, your baby may be at stake!

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