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Caring For Your Baby In Summers

Summer is the time when you can take your child out for a stroll to get some sunlight and play in the park with kids of their age. It is the best weather for you to have some parent child bonding.

But summer can be harsh on your baby’s skin and unlike adults they cannot use strong sunscreen on them. Prevention is better than cure,so if your baby is just a couple of months old keep him out of the harsh sun as much as possible. If you have to step out in the sun during noon put on a hat on your baby.

Also, buy a stroller that has sunshade, with ample provision for movement of air. You should keep your baby well hydrated during summers. If you are breastfeeding, increase the number of times you feed him, also keep yourself hydrated to stimulate production of milk.

If your child has started having solids then give him water during meals too. Baby’s cannot tell you when they are thirsty so if your child is weak, cranky and peeing less than normal it means your child is dehydrating. If your baby is on a car seat or a stroller, check its temperature frequently. There are chances that they heat up your child suffers from heat stroke.

You’ll know your child is suffering from heat stroke if his temperature is rising and he is peeing lesser than usual. Also, he would be sleepy and irritable and in worst cases may suffer from vomiting and go in coma. If you feel that your child’s suffering from heat stroke bring him to a cool place, give him water and cool him off by putting on some damp clothes. Also, talk to his doctor immediately.

Your child will love to play with water during hot summer time, bathe him regularly so that his body doesn’t develop blisters. In case you are letting him play in the pool smear some baby oil before you send him in the water as the chlorine in it will dry your baby’s skin.

Also, if you are planning to build a inflated pool in the backyard place it in the shade. Playing in water in the harsh sun is equally harmful for the skin.
Steer clear of diapers during harsh summers, the moist diaper during the hot weather will result in rashes in your baby’s skin. To prevent this, allow your baby to spend as much time as possible without diapers.

Also, apply some prickly heat powder on his back and bottoms to prevent heat boils. Warm weather increases the chance of bacteria built up in stored food. If your baby is on solids give him fresh food and not those that are stored for more than a day.

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