Care For Breasts While Breast Feeding

It is important to take care of the body once you have delivered. This is critical in getting back to good health after a long pregnancy. You will have to take special care of the breasts, especially for as long as your breast feeding the baby. This is important so that you can keep the breasts and baby in good shape.

While feeding the baby, use a nursing pillow. Not only is this important for the back, but for the breasts as well. If you do not use a pillow, the baby will continue to pull you downwards through the feed. This will make you slouch, and will also make the baby tug downwards at your breasts, and make them sag.

While the baby is feeding, try and put the whole nipple and as much of the areola into the baby’s mouth. This will ensure that the baby gets enough milk. If you do not put the areloa into the mouth as wlel, the baby will start to bite and nibble as it will not get enough milk. This could cause pain, and sometimes even cause wounds on the nipples and breast.

Avoid using soap or lotions on the areola and nipple, even while having a bath. This is important as long as you feed. Instead, to clean the area express some milk from your breasts and rub them on the nipple and areola. Allow it to air dry.

When the baby feeds for a long time, a vacuum is created in the mouth from all the vigorous sucking. When the baby then finishes feeding, it could be a little painful getting the baby’s mouth out. Use your little finger, and insert it in the space between the baby’s mouth and your nipple to break the vacuum first and then remove the baby from the breast.

It is normal to sometimes feel a little pain when you feed. This can happen when you have a wound, or if the supply is not enough and thr baby is sucking extra hard. However, if the pain persists beyond twenty minutes of your feeding the baby, you must visit a doctor.

You can sometimes feel a stinging sensation when you breast feed. This can be relieved using some cold cabbage leaves on the breast, or even grated carrots. You can put these in a thin muslin cloth and place over the nipples.

Avoid using breast pads unless necessary. They need lots of maintenance. They must be washes thoroughly and often, or they can cause infections to the mother and baby.

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