Breastfeeding Problems: Excessive Milk Production

Excessive Milk Production

Even as some new moms struggle to supply enough breast milk to their babies, some women are “blessed” with over supply of breast milk. But just as low breast milk production is a problem, over production of breast milk is also an issue. It may also affect your breast health and the health of your baby.

Researches have shown that the baby does not get enough of hind milk – the milk stored at the back of your breasts – when there is an excessive breast milk supply. This means the baby is not getting enough nutrients which the hind milk is rich in. Moreover such babies are likely to gain weight quicker. An engrossed breast is also not good for you.

It can lead to stagnation of milk thereby giving way to infections which further lead to conditions such as mastitis or breast inflammation. As such, if you think you are naturally blessed, a quick rethink is on the card.

What is the harm of excess milk?

So, what are the sign of excessive breast milk supply? There are many ways in which you can gauge if there is an oversupply. First if your breast is always full at most times, this is an indication of oversupply supply. Again, if your baby chokes or spits or gulps, it is another sign of oversupply. Your baby passing gas or burping during breastfeeding can also indicate excessive milk supply.

Before going into the solutions for oversupply of breast milk, let’s first try to understand what causes excessive breast milk production. First some moms have a habit of pumping their breast before nursing. Your breast is stimulated to produce more milk when pumped. This may lead to oversupply.

Again, in some moms, the breasts are so sensitive that they are stimulated quite easily. Even taking a warm water bath may lead to overproduction of milk. Quickly switching between breasts during breastfeeding can also cause this problem as both the breasts may not be drained fully.

So, what are the solutions? First, avoid stimulating your breasts such as pumping or running warm water over them. Again, a cool compress may work to reduce milk supply. Drinking certain herbal teas such as sage tea and peppermint tea may also help your cause. As far as breastfeeding is concerned, try the lying down position as the extra milk can be trickled down.

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