Breastfeeding Problem: Single Breast Preference

Many mothers are curious to find their babies prefer one particular breast over the other breast. One breast falls out of favor and the other one sort of becomes the “chosen one”. The baby just refuses to feed from one of the breasts and even gets frustrated when she is forced.

What Causes Problems?

Such problems happen usually with newborns but are also not so rare among the older babies. Sucking from a single particular breast may lead to uneven breast size and also engorgement in the out-of-favor breast. As such, even though you baby is getting adequate amount of milk, this issue needs to be addressed.

So it would be worthwhile to find the solutions for single breast preference. But first, let’s have a look at the causes for single breast preference.

A baby may prefer a particular breast for several reasons. First, it is possible that your nipples sizes are different slightly and the baby may find difficulty in latching on to the unfamiliar nipple.

Again, one breast falls out of favor due to breast engorgement. Also, low breast milk supply may make a particular breast less appealing. If you suffer from mastitis in one breast, the milk’s taste may get changed causing your baby to shun it.

Again the baby may refuse a breast because feeding from the other breast requires a different breastfeeding position which may not be comfortable because of problems in one of her ears or blocked nostril.

Having known the causes for single breast preference, now let’s focus on the solutions. First of all, start a breastfeeding session by offering the less preferred breast to your baby. Naturally when the baby is hungry chances are more that she makes effort to adjust feeding from that breast.

This is a good solution for moms with dissimilar nipple texture. On your part you must guide your nipple to her mouth so that she is helped to latch on to your breast. If engorgement in one breast is the problem, the solution lies in expressing milk from that breast before and after breastfeeding.

Again, a baby may be filled quickly from one breast and refuses the other breast. In such cases, alternate the breast with each nursing session.

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