Breastfeeding Positions-Some Tips

For some mothers, breastfeeding comes naturally.But it is seen that many new moms are not comfortable with breastfeeding.The discomfort associated with breast feeding may be due to the breast feeding positions adopted.

The breastfeeding position adopted should enable the baby to latch on to the breasts and feed properly. Improper latching on to the breasts limits the milk supply to the baby and will also cause pain to the feeding mother.

Therefore it is very much necessary to find and follow a suitable breastfeeding position from the time you start breastfeeding your baby.

Here are some tips which will give you an idea about the breastfeeding positions which will prove to be comfortable for both you and your baby.

The cradle pose is one of the most adopted breast feeding positions.You can sit with the baby placed lengthwise across your abdomen.The baby should lie on his side with his mouth at level with your nipples.

The elbow of your one hand should support his head and the palm should support his bottom.Use the other hand to support your breasts while feeding.This pose enables the mother to hold the baby close to her body and gives her control over the baby’s position.

In another position known as cross cradle,you can hold the baby using the opposite arm to the breast he is feeding from.That is if you are feeding the baby from the right breast then you have to support him using your left hand.

If you had a cesarean section, then it will become necessary to keep your baby from touching the incision while he is breastfeeding.In that case, you can adopt the clutch position for breast feeding. Here the feeding is done by holding your baby by your side and tucking him under your arm.

His mouth and should be facing your nipples and should be in level with them.This position can also be used to feed babies who have trouble latching on.

You can also feed your baby by lying on your side and facing him.This is a very comfortable position and is termed as the side lying pose.

In all the above said positions,you can place pillows underneath your baby so as to raise his mouth to the level off your nipples. Thus by adopting a suitable breast feeding position,you will be able to breastfeed your baby without any trouble.

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