Body Pillows To Support Your Stomach And Back During Pregnancy

With pregnancy comes aches and pains, which sometimes obstruct your sleep patterns and make way for unwanted diseases. Sleep is a distant dream for many a mom- to-be due to many factors.

A pregnancy pillow or body pillow can relieve quite a few aches associated with pregnancy. A body pillow has a basic rectangular shape, which gives a lot of support to your back. Many variants exist which emphasize support on different parts of the body.

A U shaped body pillow, for instance gives support to your entire body, surrounding you with its cushiony security. These pillows are for troubled sleepers who need a sense of security around them.

Candy cane pillows have a candy cane shape with an extra soft cushiony top that gives special support to your head, neck and shoulders. Candy cane pillows also come in  irresistible hook shapes, which gives a luxuriously filled top portion that makes you sleep like a baby!

Though a basic body pillow can give you the essential spinal support during pregnancy, a specialized pregnancy body pillow offers much more than that. Its unique shape gives support to your growing belly as well as your strained lower back allowing you to sleep comfortably on your side. It can also support your arms relieving their weight off your chest.

Body pillows come in all shapes and materials ranging from latex, polyester, buckwheat, memory foam, magnetic therapy, down and feather filling, all down filling, gel fiber filling. Each one has unique features that relieve pain in different parts of your body. Memory foam pillows and buckwheat pillows are particularly suited for pregnant women as they mould to your shape.

Memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic and are available in various densities. Buckwheat pillows have thermodynamic properties and hence remain at constant temperature.

Some body pillows form support to your legs thereby taking the weight off the spine and easing your lower back pain.A full body pillow can act as a nursing pillow after pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows come to your aid long after you have stopped nursing as they give you a comfortable sleeping position ensuring better health.

Spinal alignment is of utmost important during pregnancy and after that. A properly aligned spine ensures proper functioning of central nervous system and eliminates associated pains in the spinal chord and hips.

Choosing the right body pillow for your needs will help you combat many pregnancy woes and long-term health issues.

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