Belly Wrap

Belly Wrap After Pregnancy

Belly Wrap After Pregnancy

The most significant sign of pregnancy is the enlarged belly. Inside it will be growing a beautiful creation which is being molded day by day. Once the baby is delivered, belly would reduce in size. But most women will realize that their bellies have accumulated some fat and are no more absolutely flat.

This is one of the greatest concerns troubling women it the post delivery stage. To help women come back to their normal size after delivery, doctors advise them to use a Belly wrap around their tummy.

Belly Wrap: This is a cloth band meant to encircle your belly after delivery. It can either have a Velcro strip or a set of buckles to hold it together. When you are pregnant, your body stretches and makes room for your baby to grow inside you. This means that both skin and muscles enlarge in size and shape. Once the baby is delivered there will be lot of empty space.

Thus, belly muscles become lose after delivery. Belly wrap will hold these muscles together and help you have a flatter tummy. Women who have used belly wrap each time after pregnancy have practically seen that it really helps to come back to pre-pregnancy shape. The trick to its success is that you should religiously wear it every time you have a delivery on a daily basis.

It also has to be used immediately after delivery for a certain period of time. Using it for first pregnancy and dropping it for the following pregnancies will be a wasted effort. You should also remember that with each pregnancy your body will become loser than it used to be.

How Belly Wrap Helps? When you take your eyes off the beautiful little baby in your arms after delivery, you will notice a heavy belly sagging in your body. It surely will make you hideaway because you used to have a wonderful figure.

You need not worry because you can right away start using a belly wrap and give that lose belly some shape.This wrap covers and holds together the lose skin you have and you will be free to wear some perfect fitting dresses. It will also support your back to a great extent which would have become weak after bearing weight for 9 months.

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