Babysitting – The Basics

Babysitting is a responsible job and it’s not so easy to cope up with the different needs of the kids. An ideal babysitter must be very careful and attentive all the time and must have good patience. There are many people who take baby sitting as their profession and is a wonderful job that not only provides monitory benefits but also provide the affection and trust of kids. Here are some basic that helps a baby sitter.

The first and foremost priority of a babysitter must be the safety of the kids. Make sure the windows and doors are locked and the child can’t slip out. Keep all electrical, gas and fire accessories out of reach of the kids and be prepared to cope up with any accidents. Make a plan to handle accidents, asthma, poisoning etc and always keep the emergency numbers ready.

Before accepting the kid from the parent collect all the basic information about the kid and the parents such as contact numbers, address, emergency phone number, kid’s allergies, illness, food pattern, bed time, special toys, favorite TV program, video game etc. This will help a lot to handle the baby.

At the beginning of the day, make necessary planning for kid’s food for the day. Also make a discipline with regular food time, bed time, play time etc. Take care to avoid all those foods that may cause choking in kids. Take kids to outdoor but only with the permission of parents and let them play hide and seek, running etc which impart some kind of physical activity to the kid.

This helps the kids to eat well and sleep well which most of the parents appreciate. Try to limit the time kids spend before screen as most of the experts suggest less screen time for kids. Instead arrange some fun games for kids and play with them.

Most of the places do not demand any certificate course for babysitting but taking course helps the babysitter to learn vital skills such as first aid, identify signs of poisoning and all other significant safety measures. Besides that baby sitting training also helps to know more about preparing food for kids, helping potty training, changing diapers etc.

Try to set only a few limits instead of making too much rules and regulations and it helps to make the kid more disciplined. A babysitter can enjoy a great time with kids and get the affection of the kids. That is the best job satisfaction a babysitter can get.

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