Baby Hair Care

Baby Hair Care And Hair Growth

Baby Hair Care And Hair Growth

Choosing right methods and hair care products for black hair babies will be a stepping stone for your baby to have long, healthy and beautiful tresses. One good option for long hair is braiding the baby’s hair provided the braids are not too tight.

Tight braiding can result in the scalp being pulled and headaches. Tight braiding can cause unnecessary stress and result in intense hair fall even at an early age. The constant pulling can have an adverse effect on the hair line with the hair being uprooted which will result in thinning of the hairline and an early baldness which can lead to emotional stress.

In case of babies it is better to take small segment hair and braid them if they are long enough. These braids can be secured using hair bands but caution must be taken to ensure that the child does not pull the hair band off and puts it into his/her mouth. These bands are a choking hazard and utmost care should be taken. Bands especially with metal connectors, trinkets, balls and other decorative pieces should be completely avoided.

Not only are they difficult to put on but they hurt the child’s hair when removed. Though these bands look absolutely adoring on babies having thick curly hair they can tear away the hair from the baby’s scalp. Most parents prefer to braid their child’s hair as it is easy and gives the child a neat, well groomed look.

It is essential to keep the child’s hair slightly moisturized and wash the hair as often as possible to avoid dandruff. Putting the baby to bed in one particular position can cause constant friction to that area of the scalp and can result in bald patches. This can happen to all babies.

Avoid putting the child to bed on its stomach as it can result in SIDS where the baby stops breathing as they are unable to lift their head. Dehydration in baby can stunt the growth and can result in hair fall and chapped nails and skin. It is essential to keep the baby well hydrated as the internal organ function better.

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