Baby Feeding – Feeding Your Baby Healthy Foods

Baby Healthy Foods

Baby feeding is a cause of huge concern. It is imperative to feed the baby with all the necessary nutrients for healthy development and growth of the baby.

Though, you would find various kinds of baby foods in the market, yet it is always better to feed the baby with natural foods which are rich sources of all vital nutrients. Nutritious and healthy baby food can be easily prepared at home, without much effort.

To being with, breast milk should be made an essential part of the baby food. It is incredibly important to breast feed the baby several times in a day. Breast milk contains all the crucial minerals and vitamins to strengthen the immune system of the babies.

Breast milk provides the strength to babies to fight with various diseases in the future life, thus guarding against various health disorders. Breast milk should be the only feed for the babies for the initial five to six months after birth. Also, breast milk should be given to the babies for at least one year along with other healthy foods.

After 6 Months

After a few months of birth, it is necessary to start giving some solid foods to the babies. Fruits and green vegetables are enriched with all the vital nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamins and antioxidants to nourish the baby suitably. So, these foods should be included in the life of babies.

However, a child of only six months cannot chew such foods. Here comes the importance of using modern equipments and tools like mixer, grinder, juicer, blender and strainer. Fruits like apples, bananas, mangoes, plum and avocados are considered to be good starters for the babies.

Among vegetables, spinach, carrots, and peas are very good options. All the fruits must be mashed properly and pureed before giving to the babies. Also, the vegetables must be properly cooked and mashed before giving them to babies.

So, if you want your baby to remain healthy and fit, you should surely go for homemade foods as they are extremely healthy and nutritious, and do not contain any kind of fillers and artificial elements as in case of commercially sold packaged baby food.

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