Baby Developmental Milestones

Baby Developmental Milestones

Baby Developmental Milestones

All healthy babies grow rapidly during the first year of their life. Not only do babies grow, but they also learn do many developmental activities which are known as developmental milestones.

Rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking and eventually learning to talk are considered the various developmental milestones for babies. Though there is a pattern as to when babies achieve each of these developmental activities, remember your baby is an individual and he/she may do it a little earlier or later than what is considered the normal age to achieve a developmental milestone.

This article discusses the various important developmental milestones of babies at various stages during the first year of their lives. By the end of second month, most babies would have developed very good vision and will be able to see things clearly. Babies can also distinguish between familiar voices by the end of the second month and will turn towards the direction from where the noise is coming from.

Many babies will begin making “cooing” sounds by the second month. The third month is when you can actually see lot of development in your baby’s physical and social abilities. Three month old babies will have gained good neck and head control. Most three month old babies will be able to support their heads fairly well when placed on their tummy.

Follow Objects

Your three month old can follow objects and will respond to your calling him/her with smiles and sounds. He/she will be able to recognize you and will watch you closely. Three to four months is also the time when babies learn to flip from back to tummy. This developmental milestone known as “rolling over” is achieved by many babies by the age of 5 to 6 months too. Rolling over has a lot to do with the baby’s head control.

Hence, as soon as he/she has good head control your baby will learn to roll over. By age 6 months your baby will be rolling over both sides and will be kicking his legs and trying to crawl. By the time your baby has mastered how to roll over, he will soon figure out how to sit upright. Between 4 to 7 months, most babies will be able to sit upright independently at least for a few minutes. Crawling and learning to walk will be your baby’s next developmental milestones as he nears his first birthday.

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