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Baby Care Tips – How To Carry, Feed And Burp Your Newborn Baby

How To Carry Feed And Burp Your Newborn Baby

Taking care of a new born baby is not an easy task. Parents need to be very careful with respect to various issues while taking care of the baby. Any kind of negligence while taking care of the new born baby may prove to be very risky and dangerous for the health of the baby.

A few tips on carrying the baby properly,feeding the babyand burping the newborn are discussed hereunder. While picking up your baby, you need to provide complete support to the head and neck of the baby.

The baby’s neck and head are very delicate and need to be given proper support while holding the baby in your arms. The head of the baby should be supported by one arm, and the bottom and the lower back of the baby should be supported by the other arm.

The next crucial baby care tip is feeding the baby. Breast feed is considered to be the best feed for the new born baby. Breast milk is very healthy for the baby and helps in protecting the baby from various dieses throughout the life. You need to ensure that you feed your baby for at least one year after the birth.

Make certain to feed the baby frequently during the day; else the milk may get accumulated in the breast, thus resulting in engrossed breasts. For the first six months only breast milk should be given to the baby. Breast milk is easily digested by the babies and is very healthy and safe as compared to formula milk.

Mothers need to make certain to burp the baby after feeding. While feeding, babies tend to inhale air which may be very unhealthy for the stomach. Babies may feel highly uncomfortable as a consequence. Helping the baby to burp would be of great assistance in this case.

You need to hold the baby against your shoulder and chest, and pat at the back while burping him or her. Within a few minutes, the baby will take burp, thus helping in the digestion process. The above given three tips would prove to be extremely beneficial in taking care of your newborn baby in a proper way. Keep these tips in your mind and enjoy the experience with your new born child.

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