Baby Care

Baby Care And You

Baby Care And You

Having a new born baby around for the first time is one of the most fulfilling moment in any parent’s life. With a new member around, also come new and wholesome responsibilities. While your latest bundle of love might be the centre of your universe, it is also advisable to take responsibilities as they come.

However, for the first timers, there is always anxiety and excitement combined. So, here are a few tips to breeze you through this beautiful experience. Firstly, do not fret over just about everything that your baby does. The little creature is getting used to the new environment outside the womb and is actually working hard trying to adjust to it.

Some Reactions in Babies

Constant vomiting, crying or spitting is simply a part of being a baby and yours is just a regular one. If you feel that your baby is behaving out of the normal, go ahead and consult a pediatric, however never make it a habit. Next comes the constant crying that comes along with your little package of happiness.

Crying is as natural as breathing for your baby and you do not need to get scared over every time it wails. Crying is a language of communication for infants and it is a way of conveying its message of pain and need. However, keep in mind that if your baby cries too much, then surely it is time to see a pediatrician.

Waking-up at night

Waking-up at night is a part of being new parents and sooner you develop the habit, the better it is for you and your baby. However, it is also necessary to understand that waking-up in the middle of the night and worrying if your baby needs to be fed is not the right thing to do. Never spoil your or your baby’s sleep just because you ‘think’ it needs to be fed.  If your baby is hungry it will wake-up itself and cry for milk; be sure to feed it right then.

Spitting-up and vomiting are normal for your child after being fed. You do not need to be worried every time your baby spits or vomits. After your baby has grown a bit, it might seem like a good idea to take it out for a ride in the car. Nevertheless, remember that being well-prepared for the task is important as well. Be sure to fix a baby-seat for your little one so that the drive is smooth both for you and your baby.

Lastly, is theoral care for your baby. It might be some time before your baby develops its first tooth, but wiping its gums with a soft cotton cloth after every feed is just as important. Enjoy your baby’s special moments and make it memorable, but confusing care with being paranoid is not the solution.

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