Baby Eczema

Baby And Eczema

Baby And Eczema

Skin Rashes are prevalent among all age-groups and eczema can affect any body especially children.
It is painful to see young children with this skin condition as it is very itchy and causes lot of irritation.

Eczema affected babies are cranky and feel miserable and, in the process the parents get upset and sad seeing their babies suffering. Eczema is the result of intolerance to either diet or surroundings. The sources are either chemicals or preservatives added to food or dust settled on the carpets, clothes or many other reasons can be contributing to skin rashes on the babies.

Eczema Symptoms

There are no age limitations to develop eczema but babies’ show signs when they are two months old. They appear commonly on forehead, scalp and cheeks; however they can spread to other areas too. As babies get older these rashes disappear gradually and completely.

Elders can take good care of babies suffering with eczema to relieve them of their irritation. The affected areas can be soothed with hypoallergenic lotions that are certified by doctors. These lotions help the skin to be hydrated and soothe the itchy feeling. Use of mild soaps with warm water will help the baby. Avoid hot water as it may take away the moisture from the skin increasing the itchy feeling.

Choose clothes that are skin friendly.

Avoid harsh detergents to wash clothes as strong chemicals can cause allergic reactions to the body. Avoid wool as the material can cause itchy feeling to the already sensitive skin. It is very important to identify the source that causes or increase the eczema. This shall help in the process to eliminate the source. The baby should be kept comfortable to reduce the itchiness. Keeping the air moist, skin hydrated, and house free of irritants are important key factors to erase eczema.

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