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As The Months Go By During Pregnancy

As The Months Go By During Pregnancy

When we see pregnant women, all that we can see is her round belly and a few added pounds everywhere. Here’s what goes on in a woman’s body through each month of pregnancy.

Month 1

In the first month women may not show any signs of pregnancy or fee l any symptoms. Some women might feel sleepy. Breasts might become tender and sometime women don’t like their favorite food.

Month 2

In this month women can feel about her pregnancy. She might put on little weight as well. The texture of her hair and skin can change as well. She can have lots of mood swings, cravings for many things.

Month 3

This month is little crucial for women because the energy level could be low all the time this is because lot of blood is being pumped through the body.

Month 4

This month is far relaxing from the last three months However, there can be some hormonal changes as baby is growing inside the body. There could be abdominal muscle pain because of the stretch.

Month 5

Mother is in the wonderful stage of her pregnancy as she can feel the movement of the baby, and now the mother has adjusted to the hormonal changes of her body. As, the skin is starching o belly that can lead to tightening and itching. To avoid this use a good moisturizer to moisturize you skin.

Month 6

In this month the blood pressurecan be low but it will become normal in the coming months. Areola will become bigger and darker.

Month 7

The baby is growing so the digestive system, lungs and liver are pushed upwards. This can lead to indigestion, or constipation and breathleness also. Be careful in your eating habits. Many times you would feel like going to toilet regularly as there is pressure on urinary tract.

Month 8

In this month because of pressure in urinary tract one can feel uncomfortable and cannot sleep properly.  This can make you losing your temper easily and at times your hand and legs can be swelled also. To avoid losing your temper makes yourself calm and quiet. Yoga will help in keeping your calm and quiet.

Month 9

Finally last month, false alarms can occur regularly. The baby has grown in the full size and this might be uncomfortable as the lungs, liver are all cramped up.

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