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Actively Trying For A Baby?

Are you actively trying for a baby? There are many factors that contribute to a pregnancy like your lifestyle, your age, sperm health etc. Some couples actively try for months to get pregnant but have to face disappointment every month.

Following suggestions may help you in achieving your dream of a healthy baby:

Learn to relax: Stress reduces the chances of conceiving as it complicates the issues of fertility. Think positive. Try deep breathing exercises, yoga and meditation for relieving stress.

Calculate your ovulation date: Figure out when you are ovulating to increase the chances of conception. There are many ovulation calculators available. You have little chances of getting pregnant if you miss the fertile days of the month.

Avoid smoking and alcohol: Smoking and drinking diminish the chances of pregnancy and can even lead to miscarriages.A healthy diet is very important to affect your estrogen levels positively. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Take food rich in protein.

Avoid any kind of vaginal sprays, douching or artificial lubricants to make your vagina, sperm friendly.

Experts suggest that missionary position is the best to use when trying to get pregnant as it helps in keeping the sperm inside the vagina.

Avoid caffeine as it restricts the growth of developing baby and it can also cause fertility problems.

Lie down for at least five minutes after intercourse. It increases the chances of the sperm to meet the awaiting egg.Studies have shown that women who have a healthy weight conceive faster than the women who are over weight. So keep your weight in check when trying to conceive.

Getting pregnant is not always simple as it may sound. It is very rare for a couple to conceive on a first try. If everything is perfect, you have 20% chances of getting pregnant every month. But if you are under 30 years of age and have been trying for more than a year, you must consult your doctor.

Having a child is a commitment of a lifetime. So it is important that both the partners are equally committed and ready for this responsibility when trying for a baby.

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